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Usage Questions

Is the Brown Sugar Bear™ safe and how does it work?
The Brown Sugar Bear™ is made from a safe food clay that is heat treated to a specific temperature because this allows the clay to absorb and retain moisture. The moisture within the clay will slowly release over the next couple months at a consistent rate. Thus, the clay bear can supply moisture indefinitely to brown sugar as it can be soaked in water again and used over again.
How long do you soak the Brown Sugar Bear™?
Fully submerge the Brown Sugar Bear™ in a bowl of water. Remove the Sugar Bear after 20 minutes and pat it dry with a paper towel. Place the Sugar Bear on top of the Brown Sugar in an airtight container.
Is the Brown Sugar Bear™ able to keep moisture out of salt, spices, or other foods?
Yes, the Brown Sugar Bear™ can draw moisture out of anything including salt, spices, crackers, pretzels, and chips. The Brown Sugar Bear™ needs to be completely dry before it can be used to draw moisture out of food products. Simply, place the Sugar Bear in the oven to remove excess moisture.
How long can the Brown Sugar Bear™ keep brown sugar soft?
The Brown Sugar Bear can keep brown sugar soft for a couple of months. Once you notice the brown sugar hardening, simply soak the Brown Sugar Bear in water again for 20 minutes and place it back in the brown sugar.
I noticed my Brown Sugar turned white after I placed the Brown Sugar Bear™ in the container. Is this common?
No, this is not common. The excess moisture is washing the dark molasses from the sugar crystals leaving behind white sugar. Hence, this problem can be avoided by ensuring the Brown Sugar Bear™ is set on top of the brown sugar and not within the brown sugar. Also, the Brown Sugar Bear™ needs to be patted dry after soaking and before placing on the Brown Sugar.
Why does Brown Sugar get hard?
Sugar crystals within the Brown Sugar are coated with a thin film of molasses. When the brown sugar is fresh, the film allows the sugar crystals to slide smoothly over each other ensuring the Brown Sugar is soft and malleable. Thus, when Brown Sugar is left exposed to air, the moisture within that coating of molasses will evaporate.
How does the Boil Alert™ work?
Boil Alert™ is food safe clay material that is fired in an electric kiln between 1200 to 1400 degrees Celsius. The Boil Alert™ works to prevent the forming of bubbles at the bottom of the pot. The Boil Alert™ will chatter when the boiling process has begun. Indeed, throughout history, natural rocks were used to serve a similar function.
How do I clean the product?
To sanitize the Brown Sugar Bear™ and other Brown Sugar products, simply boil them in hot water. The Boil Alert™ can be cleaned in the dishwasher since it is non-porous. However, soap cannot be used to clean them because it leaves unwanted residual on the product.
Do you ship internationally?
No, only Canada and the United States.